New PSU or New Case? 230w enough for AMD?

I've read a bunch of the posts, and I've seen a range of answers between whether or not 250 watts is enough for AMD + GeForce2, etc., and yet I still need some advice.

First off, is my 235watt PSU going to work when I upgrade to a Duron 750 OC'd to ~1000, a OCZ Gladiator Fan, & a OCZ Titan Geforce 2 MX? I mean, yeah, I know it's not ideal, but is it just not going to work? Here's the other stuff I have in my system:

2 Maxtor 20gb HD's
1 3com Nic Card
1 SB Live Value
1 ISA Scsi card (cheapass)
1 Creative Labs 50x CDRom
1 Smart & Friendly 2X6 CD Burner (Scsi)
1 HD Cooling Fan kit thingy (with 3 little fans)
1 PCI Card Fan
1 Case Fan
Floppy, Optical Mouse, MS Keyboard, Flash Card writer thingy

So am I going to fry if I try to install the new MB + Graphics Card?

Assuming the 230 watt PSU won't work, will a generic 300watt work?

Assuming that won't work, would a Enermax (or other AMD Approved PSU) 300 watt work? I can get a new case with a 300 watt PSU for the same price as just a 350watt or 450watt PSU alone. I'd rather just get the new case, since my current one sucks.

Keep in mind I'm on a budget, and really don't want to buy anything new just yet if I can help it.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. With a Duron it might work (cutting it close), but you do have 2 hard drives, 2 cdroms, and GeForce 2. I like to play things safe and I would go for at least a 300W. you can find 300W PSU on for under $20.00.

    I bought a pentium once!
    Everybody makes mistakes..
  2. So any old 300W psu will work? I don't need one of the expensive Sparkles or Enermax or other "AMD Approved" PSU'S? I like the idea of the 2 fans (on by the processor) the Enermax, but my cpu should be plenty cool with the Gladiator, so it's not necessary.

  3. For the love of God, do not buy generic power supplies....

    This is a cold, hard kernel of bitterness speaking.

    As far as your 235 watt PSU.... I believe 235 watts is the absolute MINIMUM for some of the lower speed Athlon systems(nothing higher than 700mhz), whereas 250 and 300 are strongly recommended. I personally would twig out if I tried to run that box on a 235 watt psu... pretty much kiss your Ge2 and mobo goodbye, imho.

    BTW... I've not found OCZ to be incredibly honest about their speed ranges on processors, though they do a helluva job on the L1 bridges.
  4. SerArthurDayne speaks the truth, DONT get cheap power supplies. DO refer to AMD specs on their page. They are there for a reason.
  5. Yup, you better consult AMD's list and make sure it's on there.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  6. Just my experiences. I have my set up with 145W PSU (yes, 145W micro-ATX) and it works fine. Nothing wrong and core voltages look fine too. Here are my core voltage readings from MBM5 based on my old 145W PSU

    Core 0: 1.76V
    Core 1: 0.18V
    +3.3V: 3.28V
    +5.0V: 4.97V
    +12.0V: 11.84V

    Here is my voltage readings with my new 250W PSU (micro-ATX)

    Core 0: 1.75V
    Core 1: 0.24V
    +3.3V: 3.31V
    +5.0V: 4.88V (a bit fluctuated from 4.71-4.93V)
    +12.0V: 11.83V

    So, I guess it work fine. However, your set up have a bit more components than mine so to play save try the 235W PSU first. If it doesn't work (I highly doubt that since my 145W work), buy a good 300W PSU.

    AMD Athlon T-1.2Ghz
    MK33 AOpen, Via KT133
    320 100MHz SDRAM
    ATI Radeon 64 VIVO
    1 CD-ROM
    1 CD-RW
    Seagate 8GB Hard drive
    1 floppy drive
    10/100 Mbps Network Adapter
  7. You will need an new scsi card since most of new motherboard does not have ISA slot.
  8. Thanks all.

    Actually, I already bought a new Enermax 351 PSU, with the dual fan setup.

    And the mobo (as most mobo's I looked at) I got, an Abit KT7a, had the 1 ISA slot I needed for my SCSI. Of course I wouldn't buy one without that ISA slot! :)

    Now I'm just trying to get the noisy little bastard (the whole machine) quieter! I'm ordering some sample sound-deadening material from I'm hoping the samples they send will be enough for the computer, since they sell in quantities designed for cars. Heck of a lot cheaper than DynaMat, too. :)

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