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can i install 2 ata hdd on my mobo p4b533?
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  1. As long as your motherboard has two Sata ports you can add another HDD.
  2. yes as long as you have more than 1 SATA port or any other kind of HDD port. but i'm pretty sure this isn't a CPU related question. go to the proper category next time.
  3. Is this an Asus board and is this the one?


    If so I might be missing it but I don't see any SATA ports only IDE.
  4. popongpopong said:
    can i install 2 ata hdd on my mobo p4b533?
    If you want to install any Sata hard drives your going to need to get a PCI to Sata card like this : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815287012 You can then hook up 2 sata drives.

    OK now for the reality check. Computer years are like dog years except instead of 1 year being equal to 7yrs it's equal to 10yrs. If it's 10yrs old and it's not dead yet, have a heart, it's been a good companion, it's old, it's suffering, it can't even play any games with you like it used too, have some humanity and put it out of its misery. :cry:

    When people start telling you Fred Flintstone called and he wants his computer back, It's time to upgrade to a new PC.
    If no one has told you that yet I'm telling you, He called, He wants it! :whistle:

    One very good reasons to get a new PC is that your mother board is past the point of being reasonably up graded. Most parts you add to it will be either more expensive because they are in low demand or they will not be able to operate at their optimum specifications due to your motherboards limitations. :(

    Anyway the part I linked to will work. Since all Sata is backwards compatible the newer Sata drives will work on it as well, they just won't perform as well as they could unless you buy an old sata 1 drive which would be silly since it would cost you more and not perform any better. Good luck! :sweat:
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