What's a fast laptop video card I can use (has ati x300)

Hello, I want to upgrade my old hp nx9600 laptop's video card. I know it can take up to 128mb (x600.) The laptop's specs are as follows:

Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology
Genuine Windows® XP Professional
Intel 915P Express Chipset
17-inch WXGA+ or WSXGA+ panel with 140-degree wide viewing angle and 16:10 aspect ratio
PCI Express mobile discrete graphics controller using ATI® MOBILITY™ RADEON® X600 with 128MB dedicated video memory or ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 with 64MB dedicated video memory
400-MHz DDR2 SDRAM, two SODIMM slots, upgradeable to 2048 MB
40, 60, 100-GB 4200 rpm Hard Drives; 80-GB, 100-GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive; 60-GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
Integrated 802.11b/g or 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN module
Integrated 6-in-1 media slot
ExpressCard/54 slot
Integrated IEEE-1394

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  1. Simple answer: You can't upgrade the video card on this laptop, and it is very very rare that you can replace a laptop video card.
  2. As Digitalzom-b said, you can't upgrade a laptop... If you want play games you should get a new one...

    Or a desktop (if you want upgrades over time)
  3. Oh, I see. Can't even put the x600 128mb one in there? What it came with is it?
  4. Unless if you are technician and an expert repairing laptops, getting another Laptopt like yours and take out the Video card (x600 128mb) and put it into yours. that idea its not possible.

    Im sorry to tell you this man, but you can't do that to a laptop, its impossible for a normal person, open a laptop and start changing parts, these are complicated than Desktops and are not meant to do that kind of "upgrades"
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