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I know i have the wrong processor to overclock with and when i get the cash that will change. But i know my i5 2400 can be overclocked a bit and what setting should i have it to get the highest overclock, i have a gigabyte GA z77x UD3H and a corsair h60 setup in push/pull

Thanks in advance
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  1. your OC is made by the FSB. So before OCing your CPU go to BIOS and disable "spread spectrum", set PCI-e Freq to 100MHz and start raising your FSB bit by bit. After raising your FSB check if your RAM is capable of sustaining that FSB (imo set it to 1333 first and after you find a stable OC for your CPU you can tweak the RAM aswell...so remember after you raised tour FSB go to the ram and set it to 1333 (or a vallue close to it, probably you will get random freq numbers (not the usual 1333 /1600 MHz etc))). Enjoy
  2. theres no fsb its bclk and you wont get it over 105mhz bclk

    maximum you will get it to will be about 3.9ghz to 4ghz and only one core at that speed

    heres a quick guide to overclocking it

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