Is gaming mouse necessary?

Hello, I was wondering if gaming mouse is really necessary..

right now I have a cheap, unknown brand wireless mouse(around $6..I think)

anyway, I had it for few months now, and it works okay. BUT when I play fps, sometime aim goes somewhere I do not want to go or it doesn't move where i want.. maybe it's a mouse problem..maybe..

I was considering getting a wired gaming mouse to play fps, rpg, and rts(starcraft 2), and I was wondering if it's worth the money..

I know it won't improve my game play that much, but I am considering buying one..

anyway, is it necessary...??

ps. right now I am considering Logitech G400 and Razer Deathadder if i do decide to buy one.

ps2. I use palm grip most of the times
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  1. a gaming mouse is not necessary but if you say that your mouse is cheap, you could get a better one but if a normal mouse fits your need, then i don't think it's worth paying twice the price for something that does the same thing but if you really want a gaming mouse then go for it, you will be satisfied.
  2. ^+1 I wouldn't say a gaming mouse is necessary however I don't think playing (especially shooters) with a 6$ mouse could be really enjoyable. The perks of good gamine mice are:
    They usually have a high DPI so you can take the sensitivity a lot higher than normal or cheap mice. You usually have some extra buttons you can customize (really comes in handy in fast paced games). They are obviously built a lot better than cheap mice and are usually more comfortable to use.
    So to sum up: you don't need a specific gaming mouse however I think you should get something better than the cheapest mouse you can possibly find.
  3. Personally I use a wired mouse full stop. You don't need one or a gaming mouse for that matter. If you are having issues with it being wireless then just get a cheap wired one.

    Mactronix :)
  4. For me, a gaming mouse isnt really neccesarry but they tend to be build better and offer some better features and and shaped to your hand, in most cases. Mousemats (gaming surfaces) are relatively cheap see below for what i just ordered:

    The smallest size is 250mm x 210mm Its big. A stanley knife and a steel rule can shorted it neatly though.
  5. o, now i got it..Thanks for the replies! :)

    I went to bestbuy that has logitech g400 and Razer Deathaader, and I personally think i like the size and feel of G400 better. I am
    anyway thanks for the replies.
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