Geforce 8400gs driver issues

Hello, I recently purchased the graphics card listed above with 512MBs of memory for my inspirion 530. To accomodate the larger volt I also replaced the factory PSU, everytime I download the latest driver (285.62) my computer Blue screens with the reason being that the driver has stopped functioning. I am able to easily run in safe mode with networking afterwards and see that the graphics card is recognized by my system. And am also able to use the onboard graphics for running my system regulary.

I have 4 gigs of ram vista SP2 and a e2500 intel dual core process clocked at 2.5Ghz I meet all the requirements of said graphics cards and can return it however it will be awhile before i'm back in the area (I live in the boondocks) any help would be appreciated.

PS I have already tried uninstalling drivers and card and reinstalling with a previous driver set to no avail same exact response when I try to boot with the 8400
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