Move front intake fan to side of case

I have the Cooler Master 431 Elite. It has a 120mm LED fan as an intake. I'd like to move this fan
to the side of my case. (I've read that two fans cooling is best with rear exhaust and side intake.)
Also, I don't want the bright LED at night. If I can move it to the side then it would face the side of
my desk and not be so bright.

A side note, my case doesn't have the plastic side as in the picture. It instead has a place for two
fans, so I could install one.

My problem is...I don't think the front fan can be removed. I've tried unscrewing it but the screws
won't budge and seem like they would strip. Any recommendations?
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  1. The front fan should be removable but if you absolutly want a side panel fan you could buy this cheap package and put a 2 fan on top and 2 on the side.
  2. yeah I saw that. But it is overkill. I really only need 2 fans unless I upgrade my GPU.

    I'm trying to remove front fan but wrong size screw driver..argh.
  3. envy14tpe said:
    I'm trying to remove front fan but wrong size screw driver..argh.

    well if the only problem is your screwdriver, then it should be cheaper to just buy or borrow one than buying another fan.
    but really, you should consider the cooler master package. I know you said you only need one right now but if one of your actual fan failed or if you eventually need another one , you'll have it.
  4. Got the right screw driver and moved the fan. Now I gotta search for a screen to filter the air that is pulled in through the side.

    I already have 2 fans and it is enough, but I gotta position them optimally, and now they are.
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