Bottlenecking with a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Yorkfeild 2.5GHz

I have a fairly nice Asus desktop that I like to use for gaming. It has an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Yorkfield 2.5GHz possessor, 8GB of DDR2 RAM and a bunch of hard drives. What graphics card (if any) will bottleneck this system. I am thinking about building an extremely expensive gaming beast, but it may be a good idea to keep what I have and just add a really nice graphics card. Thank you.
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  1. if you oc it to at least 3ghz i dont think you'll have any bottleneck, not even at stock i believe
  2. It depends on the game. What are you looking to play?
  3. At average a 560 ti, and overclock to 3.0 Ghz should be fine in your system. If you can't overclock and/or 560 ti is outta budget, you can however get a 460.
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