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I have dual booted windows 8 release preview on my windows xp computer. When i was done with windows 8 release preview and deleted the partition with the windows 8 release preview and resarted my pc so that it would boot with windows xp it shows windows 8 sign and it keep showing 'diagnosining problems' and 'attempting repairs' then it says error and does not load windows xp but shws windows 8 page saying shut down or trobbleshot. please help i cannot access windows xp and all my file a looked in it.
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  1. How did you go about deleting your partition with windows 8 on it?
  2. I used easybcd to remove windows 8 boot screen at startup. Then i used easyus partition master to delete the windows 8 partition.
  3. did you make easyus partition boot cd? or did you run it from windows.
  4. I ran it from windows
  5. Do you have a windows 7 disk?, do you have another computer you can get on to download from?
  6. I think you deleted the windows 7 boot manager...
  7. win8 replaces the old loader you can't just delete it, you need to repair the boot loader,, winxp cd, win7 install cd is easiest it will auto repair start up issues.
  8. Thanks you guys/gals for your help i was able to reinstall windows and save my files on a pc that takes to hard drives.
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