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Recently built new gaming rig. Everything went smooth its doing great. Problem is im new at all of this, I installed windows 7 and all drivers for gpu, keyboard, mouse, etc. I would like to partition my 1tb HDD it is my only hdd currently. I also do not know the proper steps to do this. I would also like to back up all of my up to date items previously described. What is the best plan of action here? I already posted this in the hdd section but I need to get this resolved asap. BF3 is waiting on me lol. Thanks!
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  1. See if this helps.
    He does one setup with a ssd, but one without and it should help regardless of the hdd setup. Hope this helps!

    It should be pretty self explanatory how to partition but if you are having trouble watch the video. It will explain it better than I can.
  2. watched his vid but he never broke down to my question. But as I take it you dont necessarily need to partition but I would like atleast 2-3 sections basically. Also when I built this pc, which i was done at 6 am this morning, ugh. But I never went into a bios from the get go. Just inserted windows 7 cd and took off.
  3. Why do you want to partition? Partitioning is a software-management tool, not an organizational one. You'd make one to install Linux, for example, but not one to store your music.
  4. Your boot was probably already set to your CD drive. Don't know if this helps but I am sure there are videos out there that can help you.
    sorry I am not advanced enough to help you myself.
  5. Holy *** easy, found a video. Now my next question is when I partition a seperate drive for windows 7 and my newly updated drivers. Can i simply copy them to that new small section I set aside for and have my pc boot from that info? Thanks for your time
  6. Maybe I have the wrong idea here. I am new to doing this myself. But I would like 2 sections basically one for os and drivers/critical types and another for gaming/music/vids. But I would also like a section for backup? Can you point me in the proper directions for these things? thanks for your time!
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    As I said, you should not partition for data management. It'll only get in your way. You won't get any kind of benefit out of it. Use folders instead. Windows is designed to work on one partition.
    A section for backup could only be useful for virus problems. That might be a legitimate use, but it won't insure you against physical problems, which I think are more common among people who don't click stupid links and use antivirus software. You should get a separate drive for backup.
  8. The more I read about this the more of a dumbass I feel. Lol just put together a nice i5 2500k with asrock extreme3 gen3 and sapphire 7950. Then do not understand the workings of the os and HDD together lol, sad isnt it! Thanks I will be buying an external or another internal for what I am actually wanting appreciate it!
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