Latest cpu for 800$

hi i need all the component specification and upgradable option in it.
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  1. What?
  2. nekulturny said:

    aren't you paying attention? he wants "all the component specification and upgradable option in it. "

    edit: ok, I have not clue either what he meant. If he means the new intel ivy bridge its here:

    If it meant trinity it's leaking here:,15442.html

    IF he meant new CPU options for his pc, he really needs to add a model #, or some specs to his post.
  3. i think i have not given my question correctly.

    i need a specification of cpu that should cost below 800$(newzealand) and it should have upgrade facility from home pc to advanced user pc . cheers.
  4. i5 2500k or 2700k. No point in anything larger for a home PC.
  5. Ohh, that's a roughly $650US build.

    This one is I3 based with all the money in graphics. It does will.,3159.html

    If you want a less gaming focused build, go with an i5-2300 or i5-2400 and see what's left for graphics from this list:,3107.html

    If you prefer AMD then wait a month for Trinity to come out and see if you like it. Otherwise there are no really good AMD plays unless you catch a really cheap bundle.
  6. i need a normal pc not a gamer one....
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