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I set up a wireless network for my family, but we have quite a bit of computers and devices connected to the router. I'd say at least 10 devices in total, and only 1 computer is via ethernet. We have 6 laptops, 3 wireless capable mobile devices, and a wireless printer. At times, I'll have a wii go online too. When all are on (minus wii), or even 7 or 6, connection starts to slow down till I get booted off. Everyone else in my house is suffering this problem. I bought an asus rt-n12 router as I saw that it had some good reviews. I'm still getting used to the features, but if there's a way to make connection better for everyone, I'm open for options.
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  1. are you still running the ASUS firmware?

    ASUS support recommends to try installing DD-WRT firmware for more stability.

  2. What would be the difference between the two?
  3. according to ASUS it will make it run more stable and also this firmware has additional features.
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