Is this safe to buy?


I'm about to buy the Intel Core i5 2500K from a person that used it in a 'cad machine' a computer thats used for autocad. I never heard of this. Is it safe to buy this processor ,will it be worn out? Its 5 months old. Selling for a price of 100 euro (123.85 us dollar).

I am going to use the cpu for gaming. Please let me know

Thank you
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  1. That's a killer deal!
    A processor is probably good as new.
    Unless it was overclocked with a high voltage.

    Ask him if the processor was overclocked.If it wasn't then it's good as new
  2. I got my Core i5 2500K second hand, and it works great. As long as he didn't abuse the CPU then that's a killer deal. I would go for it!
  3. That's a good deal for that processor. Make sure you run some benchmarks on it and compare it to benchmarks you find online. Sometimes cpus may have sustained damage from being shorted out or dropped, which may not break it completely, but will take a hit in performance.
  4. Thank you all for your advise , i bought the chip :)
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