My first new computer build hdmi port question

OK, first let me thank the many helpful people on the site. I used this as a resource during my parts selection, but never posted any questions. All my questions were already answered. I just got my HTPC assembled and was going to set up the BIOS now and wait to load my OS once it comes in mail. Will be windows 7 64bit.

I have a ASUS M4a88t motherboard, AMD/Patriot 4GB RAM x1, LG bluray burner, corsair force 3 SSD, and Athlon II x2 250 cpu. I am not getting anything on my hdtv screen via the HDMI cable. An old monitor I had in the basement is working via VGA. What is wrong? Is it because there is no OS installed yet? Or a BIOS issue? Thanks in advance.

Approximate Purchase Date: Just got everything in the mail except for the OS.

Budget Range: I spent under $450

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Bluray, netflix, hulu, youtube only. Will be daily usage.
Parts Not Required: I have all parts

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:Newegg and Amazon
Country:Kentucky, USA
Parts Preferences:ASUS, AMD

Overclocking: NO
SLI or Crossfire: NO

Monitor Resolution:Emerson 40something inch hdtv 1080
Additional Comments: None.
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  1. Ok, so I found some posts saying, the bios resolution is so low, that newer tv's don't support it. Some people say the HDTV will not show anything untill the windows screen during startup. Is this the likely answer?
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