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Hey guys, got a quick question on how to configure the fans in this case. Now i was planning to have a push, pull thing going on. When i have a 200mm red led fan pushing in cold air and the back 120 pulls it out. I also wanted to add a 200mm red led on the top but im not sure if it should be a inward blowing or a outward pulling fan. So my question is should the fan at the top of the case be pushing cool air or pulling warm air? Thanks :D
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  1. It should be pointing upwards as an exhaust!
  2. amuffin said:
    It should be pointing upwards as an exhaust!

    Sorry, first time using a top mounted fan, just wanted to make sure. :P This system needs to keep 2 6770s nice and cool.
  3. The thing it really comes down to is that you should have more fans blowing in the out so that you avoid a small vacuum in the case. The small vacuum that appears will make air and dust enter the case through all openings of your case and not just the ones ment to have an intake and has a dust filter.
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