Low FPS in game

hello. i recently made a post about a new build. this is my first computer that i have built.

i have a I5-2500k
MSI radeon 6950 PE/OC

even at low settings it was only getting about 10-15 FPS in Star Wars TOR.
i fear i may have messed something up. im on it currently, got my drivers installed everything else works great.
my GPU has 2 PCI-E slots and i was told to plug both in but when i do i do not get a display. with one plugged in it works but again.. very low FPS in games. could anyone please point me in a direction i should take? if you need anymore info let me know TYIA
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  1. You mean it has 2 PCI-E power connections not slots. Those are not optional. Both must be plugged in for your card to work correctly. Sounds like your power supply is not up to the task. What power supply do you have?
  2. it is a corsair 750w. what would cause the display not to work with both connectors plugged in but it would work with only 1?
  3. If it was trying to pull too much power and the power supply could not keep up or a defective card. Assuming the power supply is not broken it should be plenty to supply even 2 of those cards. Did the card ever work?
  4. i just received all my stuff from newegg today. im kinda stuck here
  5. Try reseating the card. Also try different power cables from the power supply to the card. Do you have the latest drivers from the AMD website?
  6. yes i got the latest drivers and got the drivers off my Mobo disc. ill try reseating real quick hopefully it just didnt seat right. {fingers crossed}
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