I5 760 overheating issue(seems)


My PC specs are mentioned below.

MOBO Model: H55M-D2H
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
GPU: Zotac GT430
When i play bf3 the temp in HWinfo64 goes to core temp to 98c & cpu temp to 88c
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More about overheating issue seems
  1. if using a stock colling yes definitely high, and make sure reading software, try with other software such as tempcore, rel temp or aida64 or another, if all show approximately the same results, fix your cooler, change new one or replace thermal paste though more cold
  2. i will try all 3 first in couple of minutes & let you know. I have tried ipdt tool which intel gave me which says it is running below maximum temp during their stress test. the results which i gave you are from HWinfo64
  3. i tried the Realtemp the results are almost same
  4. Take the side off your case and see if the fan is spinning, if it is and replacing the thermal paste doesn't work you'll need a new HeatSink/Fan soon.
  5. All three fans including the case fans are spinning but no temp drop. Can it may be damaged cpu??
  6. It could just be a bad application of thermal paste. Try reapplying.
  7. can u guide me how i can do the same?? is removal of old paste necessary?? which paste should i use??
  8. akshayghai29785 said:
    Can it may be damaged cpu??

    More likely that the HSF is no longer making adequate contact with the IHS.

    If the CPU was damaged, your computer would have crashes, lock-ups, be permanently stuck in throttled state, etc.
  9. should i remove the cpu cooler & put it back??
  10. akshayghai29785 said:
    should i remove the cpu cooler & put it back??

    You will need to re-do the thermal paste if you do that. The stuff Intel uses is almost completely dry, which makes it impossible to reuse and (most) people here frown on paste recycling anyhow.

    My experience with re-pasting Intel stock HSF is that it does not work, high temperatures come back within days/weeks. I would replace it with something like a Hyper 212+ or 212EVO if it fits with your board+case+RAM combo and not have to worry about the HSF loosening up anymore.
  11. @ my location CM tx3 is available @ $30 & hyper 212 evo @40 which one you prefer. Also which thermal paste be used AS5 or the one which comes with new cooler
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    The "mystery goo" that came with my 212+ works well enough, whatever comes with the 212EVO is likely the same or better. I would not bother with AS5 unless you plan to overclock substantially.

    As for the TX3, I wouldn't touch that unless the 212s did not fit.
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  14. Just bought a CM hyper 212 evo with arctic silver 5. I must say amazed with the result. In IPDT test it nver went above 60 on cores & 50 on cpu
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