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Any graphic card that could replace onboard nvidia 8400m gs

can i replace onboard 8400m gs with any other graphics card if yes then plz suggest

my lappie model: hp pavilion dv2700
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  1. I'm sorry but Laptop graphic's card are not meant to be upgraded :). Because there is no space, most of the times it's not supported (only high-end laptop has the feature of replaceable graphic card such as eurocom), there is few of them in sale and it's hard to do when doing it.

    So overall,I don't recommend doing this, you can however sell your laptop and get a new one since your one seems to be very old :).
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    Yeah you can't really do anything : / There are guides out there but it would be pretty difficult as all laptops have a different build completely and you can't really even tell whether or not your laptop has enough space for a new one. However if your still willing to give it a shot...

    There's one guide though there may be more if you Google. :) Hope I helped!
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