$150 Nvida Graphics Card


Budget: $150

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: (Gaming) Battlefield 3, Skyrim, GTA IV - (Video Editing) - (Photo Editing) - (Web browsing, ect)

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: No Current Gpu, Antec BP550 Plus 550W



PARTS PREFERENCES: GTX, (Optional) 3D Vision/Physx


SLI: Optional


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Must run skyrim maxed :D

Thanks :D
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  1. a GTX 460 will be playable, although an HD6850 is better in my opinion. either would get you about 30FPS at "Max" on skyrim. just go read toms review
  2. 6850
  3. cant max skyrim on ultra for $150, $250 yes. 6850 would be in line with your price, or wait for a good deal on a 6870, sometimes those get as low as 150ish with rebates.
  4. 6850/460 will play skyrim on ultra given you have a good cpu. The game really isn't that gpu demanding.
  5. I have a With the rebate after takes your paying about 157 if I did that math in my head right. I easily just with AMD control center overclocked to 900 Mhz GPU clock and 1180 Memory clock. I run Battlefield on High settings with a steady 35-50 fps depending on size of party and map. Can slow down a bit but not to bad. For Skyrim Im just it Will handle it well. I understand you want to get Nvidia, however AMD gives more performance per dollar in many cases.

    Good luck and hope this helped
  6. 6850 cause 460 is old news and 6850 IS better
  7. in my opinion hd 6870 will be the best choice to and for 1080p it performs very well in gaming just 10-20 dollars more then your budget you should go for higher in cheaper price because in performance always higher is better and in price always cheaper is better.

    you can play all games on high ultra settings with 2xaa or none with 35-40 fps or more so you should go for hf 6870.

    buy this one for cheaper price and good overall performance.:)


    or if u cant afford then hd 6850.:)
  8. Will the 6870 work with my current power supply? And also i have a great cpu: AMD Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition Deneb 3.6GHz
  9. yes it will work with your psu and cpu will not bottleneck it goodluck.
  10. Ive been an nvidia user from day one.
    This time around they failed to compete.
    the 460 is very decent, but every chart I see shows it 20 percent behind.,2968.html
    shows the 6850 at its 38 fps.
    sadly they didnt add the 460 below it because it didnt even keep up.

    go youtube "gtx 460 battlefield 3" and "6850 HD battlefield 3".
    460 framerates are 5-10 lower on every test.
    I wanted to stick with nvidia, but they didnt want to compete this time, so i went with the amd 6850 2 fan model

    OC - 2 fans. more power. no contest.
    Unless you dont mind takeing -5 -10 fps for the name.
    go with the 6850. then change back to nvidia if they try harder next time imo.
  11. 460 gtx has a LOT of overclocking potential.

    Just sayin'
  12. I think I getting an 6870
  13. Whats the best one for <$200 After Rebate :)
  14. Out of the 3, what do you suggest. How much can I oc with the gpu stock cooling? I only will be using one 1920 x 1080 monitor :)
    really 1 alone shows good reviews but could you imagine this in sli?, it is pricey,$159 i went with the 1 gig model for 139 at new egg(hope it works out for me)
  16. Quote:
    even if you don't clock it that much, you have the non reference cooler (also TwinFrozr design) and the already clocked card.

    Thanks :D
  17. vance r said:
    really 1 alone shows good reviews but could you imagine this in sli?, it is pricey,$159 i went with the 1 gig model for 139 at new egg(hope it works out for me)

    I think I am going for the Radeon, thanks though
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  19. johncatman said:
    Whats the best one for <$200 After Rebate :)

    You can get this 560 ti with rebate under $200:

    By the way, if you are looking for a 6870 that are nearly below $200, I recommend this:

    If you want something that's much below $200, get this:

    With your setup, they should be fine. It's up to you.

    what? already best answer... Waste answer :(.
  20. nonono, it's by mistake, I did not my friend :lol:
  21. Either get the Sapphire 6870 for 170 or the 560ti for 225.

    I know you already ordered but factory OC'ed this high, even with 192 bit memory, it will beat an HD 6850.

    A 256 bit GTX 460 1GB OC'd to the max will match or beat and OC'd HD 6870 (given their relatively poor overclocking headroom).

    You didn't make a bad choice, but if you wanted Nvidia you could have stuck to your guns and stayed within your original $150 price range.
  23. Quote:
    I rather would have saved up for the GTX 560 or better the GTX 560 Ti..
    no point in buying a GTX 460 nowadays unless it's an overclocked 256-bit for cheap..
    256-bit OC'd for no more that $150 taxes / shipped then I might...
    but that EVGA 256-bit @ only 720MHz is not worth it for $150 plus tax and shipping.
    the 192-bit doesn't do it..

    I have 3 - GTX 460's and all clocked to GTX 560 OC levels, (850MHz or better).

    GTX 460 is dead and BF3 suck just sayin !
  24. Boopoo said:
    GTX 460 is dead and BF3 suck just sayin !

    You fanboi slip is showing. Just sayin.
  25. The three cards are all 2010 products. They're all a year to year and a half old. It doesn't mean they aren't useful since new cards are coming on slowly (if you need a card right now). They are all pretty decent deals (and none of them are "dead"). Some things never change though: HD 6870 > GTX 460 > HD 6850, although the difference in performance in those steps is pretty small.
  26. Quote:
    an old find yes from 2010 but the post was relevant to someone saying the GTX 460 can't game and in comparison to the HD equals..

    6850 is just a better design because it take one 6pin and is more powerful LOL fact I was highly considering a couple o GTX 460 or a 2 WIN but they are just getting outperformed by the newer and better card 6850.
  27. jeffredo said:

    You posted a link from 2years and 3 month ago and the games that GTX 460 was slightly faster but barely in are Starcrft2, Lost Planet, Just Cause2, and those are all Nvidia sponsored titles the rest of the games the 6850 is beating the 460.
  28. Quote:
    close the thread because here comes a blind fighting fanboi......
    doesn't realize that the thread has been listed as solved and knowone cares.
    fighting for the 6850 when OP decided on the 6870 anyways.
    and this fight about the GTX 460, grow-up.

    moderator notified.

    Nope like I said I was considering a GTX 460 and still am if they go to $130 dollars then that makes them become a greater value than 6850
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