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Gtx 550 ti swtor crash need help plz

Hey guys just finished my new system on wednesday dowloaded swtor by today lol. Clicked it to run for the first time the screen went all jagged and distorted i exited out system restarted and all my video settings were reset. I installed the newest drivers after i built the computer but maybe something happened idk plz help thanks

Edit: Evidently the 550ti driver needed to be updated running it now through windows plz still respond
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  1. System specs? Do a clean install of your drivers?
  2. my system specs are amd phenom IIx4 3.0 ghz, gtx 550ti, m5a97 mobo, kingston 4g ram
  3. You missed key points, PSU? Have you try to do a clean install of your drivers and update to newest? are you sure you install the game properly? Are you sure graphics are inserted and set up properly?
  4. graphics are inserted i took the card out and popped it back in; also i have a 500w antec green efficient psu how do i do a clean install of my drivers and i used a thumb drive downloaded the newest drivers i could find and installed the blue screen just continues to say display drivers timeout
  5. go to the safe mode, uninstall your driver there, reboot to normal mode, then install the newest WHQL drivers from nVidia and you might also update Motherboard BIOS drivers also. Make sure everything else is fine such as CPU, RAM, PSU etc. Also give me the temperatures, of all your parts.
  6. refillable said:
    install the newest WHQL drivers

    Be sure that you have installed WHQL drivers and not Beta.
    The latest WHQL drivers are:
    Windows7: GeForce 285.62 Driver
    WindowsXP: GeForce 285.58 Driver
  7. I am returning the card, and have already replaced the 550ti with the radeon 6750 soon to be 6770 the 6750 is working fine no errors and about to run swtor for the first time.
  8. btw temps were fine i updated everything on the mobo when i built the system chipset etc my cpu is aty 30 c, mobo 28 c, i dont see the other temps
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    Yes it's defective then, you're very smart on replacing it :).
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