Broke my Processor Fan Pin

Hi, today while cleaning my processor i accidentally broke a Processor Fan pin :fou: located above the processor, though it's not totally broken off, it just got bent, as it's plastic i know anymore mishandling the thing would sure break it off :( . While I managed to put the thing back safely without further ado and the thing is working good like it before... I don't know if i can replace it by buying another one. I'm using Intel Extreme Series motherboard(Core 2Quad Processor) DP45SG, my warranty period ends in mid-December and I'm aware that my warranty would be void in this case... what the heck should I do now? :fou: :bounce: :pt1cable: Thanks in advance amigos!
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    If your fan is still working, don't worry about it for now. It just means you may not want to unplug the CPU fan again. Finding replacement LGA775 boards is getting hard now, and like you said, warranty probably won't cover this.

    All you can do is be very careful when unplugging the fan if you need to do it again, or just don't unplug the fan again when cleaning the CPU.

    Hopefully it will last until it gets to the point where it is time to upgrade to a new CPU and Mobo.
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  3. If it was just the pin, you can replace the header. Not sure where you'd get one from, but it's just some metal. As long as you can solder, it'll be fine.
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