Will my i5 3570k bottleneck my evga gtx 680 ftw 4Gb

I wanted to know if my i5-3570k @ 4.4ghz would bottleneck my evga gtx 680 ftw 4gb.
I have 16 gb 1600 ram and the card is on a 3.0 x16 slot on the asrock extreme4 mobo. It is all powered by and antech high current gamer 750w psu.
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  1. No, not even close to being a bottleneck (wouldn't even be a bottleneck at stock, much less at 4.4).
  2. Hard drive is the bottleneck in any new or old system in general.
  3. yes,i must agree... unless your using a ssd or a premium revo drive ( if you have money to burn ) your hard drive will be the biggest bottleneck.... that said ive been using a 5900rpm sata drive ( seagate pipeline HD ) since my other sata died and it still gets 5.9 on windows 7 experience index
    in regards to the core i5 3570K and the GTX680 4gb they should be fine.... infact a nice match and well balanced ..... compare the GTX690 to a core i7 ivybridge and in theory the i5 3570K is well suited to the GTX680 or even GTX670
    you can become over concerned about bottlenecks ... however your allways going to get a certain degree of bottleneck in any pc.... and that even pre built systems have some bottleneck ....
    its when it become significant that it becomes a problem.... like sticking a GTX680 with a AMD athlon64 .....
    you have nothing to worry about !
  4. Any processor will bottleneck any video card in processor heavy tasks. Ever play Civ5?

    It all depends on the game, but an i7 won't help you out any unless you find a game that operates heavily on 5+ threads.
  5. Well I boot off of a 120 GB SSD and have a 500GB hybrid drive for storage.
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