XFXHD6790 hangs while playing video at full screen

Hello guys
i have XFX HD6790 1 gb 256 bit graphic card, problem is that whenever i try to play video in vlc player or windows media player my system stuck and produce trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound :) and screen goes black and i have to restart my system.it only happens while playing movies.i have everything updated. system specs are
Board: intel DH61WW
Processor: intel core i5-2400 CPU 3.1GHZ
corsair 4gb ram
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  1. Power Supply? Temperatures? Only you have this issue when you try to play VLC player?
  2. PSU: Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600w (RS-600-PCAR-E3), GPU temperature is 30 degree at idol and 60 to 65 degree in gaming. other temperatures are all normal,yeah this happens only playing movies, whether on VLC or WMP
  3. Do a clean install to the newest driver?
  4. yup, also did that, now i also came to know, i was doing designing with CorelDraw x5, i selected a color to fill an object, as soon as selected that color became visible on the whole screen and again my system stucked :(
  5. Test your Graphics card or Power supply in another system?
  6. ah ok, Thanks
  7. I m facing the problem for watching movies on xfx hd 6790 please give me a solution.or should i change or fix the graphics card.thankx
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