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Forgive me if this is is in the wrong place, but I'm having issues with the audio coming through the HDMI output on my 6950 (1GB). This may well be due to the roundabout method of output- I've been having a few issues with my mobo's onboard sound, and before I shelled out on a sound card I figured I'd test the HDMI audio.

My monitor has a passthrough for audio- no built in speakers, but a line in/out port. When I plug headphones or speakers into that port and switch to using the HDMI audio output, everything works fine- except there is absolutely no bass response- as if I'm listening on a 2.1 system with a broken subwoofer. I checked the audio settings, and made sure the output was set for full range speakers, and it does seem to recognize that it's outputting two channels.

Is there any way to fix this, settings-wise, or should I give up?

Thanks for the help :)
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  1. drivers update?
  2. All relevant drivers are up to date, and the problem has been there across multiple versions.
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