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HD 7770 compatibility with PCIE 1.1/1.0 Mobo

:hello: Sir,I have a Gigabyte G41MT-S2 Motherboard which is probably PCIE 1.1 (as per GPUz).My other system is as:-
E7300 @ 2.66GHz Overclocked to 3.3 GHz
Coolermaster Extreme 500watt
XFX HD 5670 PCIE 2.1 1-GB GDDR5 overclocked to 870MHz core 1125Mhz Memory
18.5" LCD @ 1366x768

I am planning to buy a new GPU to play upcoming titles at ultra.
I shortlisted HD 6790
Now that HD 7770 is out and performs somewhat better than HD 6790 and being future proof I wanted to take a chance at it.But i am unsure if my mobo will support the card since its 3.0 :sweat: .So plz advice :( ..Thanks in advance :??:
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  1. Well I guess it's too old, better not to risk wasting your money if it's too old. In some cases they are fine with BIOS updates, but as I said 'Some' and it's 2.1, not 3.0 :'(.
  2. yes your mobo is compatable with 3.0 pcie graphics card because all pcie is forward and backward compatible with each other in my opinion if u are not sure then you should go and buy hd 6850 which is almost same in performance the only fact is that the hd 7770 is of newer tech and hd 6850 is of little bit older tech.,review-32379-6.html
  3. are you sure? I Thought you need BIOS updates as some of them got issues on 2.1 cards in 1.x slots. By the way 6850 is better as sunnk said...
  4. yes there will be some issues so better way to go with hd 6850.:)
  5. Thank you all.... :) Then I will probably go with the HD 6790 coz i am extremely limited in budget and HD 6850 is overpriced here (Rs 10k to 11k)..HD 6790 8.5k +vat.Do you think my syste will have bottlenecks or slowdowns that one can actually feel or experience? One of my friend has HD 6770 and same rig as my he played every possible title smoothly.And is HD 6790 really worth extra 1k or should i go for the 6770? :hello:
  6. Yes it's worth it In my opinion. 6790 is a cut down barts architecture like a 6850 or 6870 and 6770 is the same as the older 5770. So this tells you that 6790 is faster.
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    yes it will be good for its price the hd 6850 just gives 9-10 more fps then that gpu go for that good luck.

    check this review for more clearification.:)
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