So many audio drivers, causing problems.

Alright, so to start this out, i am great with computers and hardware, but right now i need another head to think all this through, and i will describe this problem as much as i can.

So i have a new PC now, running an FX 8120, on an asrock 970 extreme 3, and a 6850 from Gigabyte. I recently got a Logitech g110 keyboard, which came with drives and such. So i installed the drivers, the keyboard uses its own audio divers for the 3.5mm headphone and mic outputs on the keyboard. Also just a few days ago i got the gamecom 780 headphones, also with their own audio drivers. Also have audio drivers for my webcam for its mic.

Now im thinking theres got to be a conflict somewhere between all of the 4 drivers i have for audio. With my headset plugged in, audio in browser works fine, except for youtube audio. When i use the outputs on the keyboard using a different headset that it 3.5mm instead of USB for the gamecom 780, i get the audio from youtube fine.

In fact, when i plug in the usb gamecom 780, and play a youtube video, google chrome doesnt even show up in the "mixer" for the audio to control what open applications are playing audio. But when i listen to say, soundcloud on my browser, it comes through the headphones just fine. That would make you think its a flash problem with youtube. Ive tried to completely remove flash and reinstall and it didnt help, just back to where i was.

Can someone please give me some direction in which i can fix this.
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  1. Why don't u let the mobo audio connection handle all the sounds?

    That way u minimize the driver issues.
  2. Because the usb headphones that i use require drivers to work, and the keyboard drivers are all-in-one, with the drivers for the macros, lights, and audio, when i would uninstall one part of the keyboards driver, the others would fail with it.
  3. Remove it all and re-install the latest from the web, all together.

    Make sure u install only whats needed, sometimes they include stuff that is not needed.
  4. I did that half way lol, but didnt finish removing it all. I will continue doing it after work.
  5. By default, all the audio *should* be heading to whatever device is selected as the default audio output device in the Windows Control Panel. Its possible that setting isn't always getting updated right as you add/remove audio devices.
  6. Right now all of the audio is going to my headsets drivers. Google chrome audio is being sent to the headphones, youtube in google chrome is going no where. When i unplug the usb headphones, the youtube audio is playing through the speakers. UGH.
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