Video card problem i think

I am having this problem. My monitor didn't display anything when i plugged it on the video card. but i can go to bios and display it,except on the windows screen. But when i plugged it on the onboard video the monitor is now displaying my dekstop. but not to the bios section and motherboard logo didn't dislplay.

This happen when i format my pc from windows exp to vista.

And a error displays like this when i am connected to my onbard video.
And also. the video card didn't mention on the dxdiag, only the NVDIa GeForce 7025/Nvidia nForce 630a

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I need help for this. I am confuse, if i made a mistake on the windows installation or my video card is already broken.

thanks in advance...
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  1. Ok, i am goin out right now. Got to go..
    Any suggestions, comments or anything are welcome.

    I really need help on this. :(
  2. Go into BIOS and make sure that it is set to boot the PCIe slot first. The can be labeled in different ways depending on BIOS.

    The error message you are receiving in Windows is because the AMD driver is looking for an AMD card, and your integrated is Nvidia.

    If the BIOS thing is not working, shut off the machine and pull out the video card and reseat it. Vode card slots can get finicky sometimes.
  3. i already pull the vcard and clean it. and i also reset the cmos. about bios. i really don't know hot to configure it. i am not trying to download lates version of my GPU
  4. Ok sir. i already fix the problem. i just did a GPU latest driver download. And it fix my problem. Thanks a lot for the reply. really appreciate it. :)
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