Motherboard for i5-2400?

Hello everyone, i was wondering what mother board and case i should go with for my i5-2400. I don't plan on overclocking but would like a good motherboard and case with good airflow that can fit either a hd 7770 or gtx 560 se. I don't want to run into any issues on the bios, i hear alot of people have to get an old cpu and flash drive to install it to update or something along those lines :(

(not too expensive if possible, thank you)
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    Most any socket 1155 will be good for a sandy bridge i5-2400.
    The thing you are hearing about is the situation where one wants to use an older motherboard with a newer ivy bridge cpu.
    Yes, they are compatible, but older stock may not come with the bios update enabling ivy bridge support.

    For you, I suggest using a motherboard using the latest Z77 based chipset. It has many features that you may never use, but it costs no more than many older motherboards. By now, any bios issues have been ironed out.

    Cases are a personal thing. Most any case with two 120mm intake fans, or the equivalent in output fans will have plenty of airflow for your needs. It is not wrong to buy a case on looks, if that appeals to you. You will be looking at it for a long time.
    From a functional point of view, there are many $50 cases that are of good quality. The Antec 300, for example.

    For me, I like small cases. After all, how much do you want to put in it?
    I like M-ATX as a motherboard size.
    Here is a ASRock Z77 Pro4-M for example:

    For a case, I can personally recommend the Silverstone TJ-08E.
    It is very quier and easy to work with.
    Here is a review.
  2. I was thinking of using the (COOLER MASTER HAF 912 with this power supply ( as for the mother board ASRock Z77 Pro3 LGA 1155 (

    Do you think this will go together well? The motherboard i listed is a bit cheaper, but do you think it would perform as well as the one you listed and setup easily without bios nonsense lol.
  3. Your links do not work for me.

    All three parts would be fine.
    Seasonic is a particularly good quality psu.
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