Sapphire Toxic 5850 fan wearing out - Help!

Hi there!

I have a Sapphire Toxic 5850 and it was a reconditioned replacement for a standard 5850 that I had originally purchased. Unfortunately the fan is making a ticking sound similar to a case fan I had that burned out completely. I just contacted Sapphire and those ******** told me to contact Zalman or Arctic for an aftermarket solution. I purchased the original card 26 months ago, and the replacement I have only had for 11 months. I am obviously upset. Sorry for my rant. Now if they would have at least offered to sell me a replacement fan, I probably would have been a bit more understanding. A new arctic cooling system for this card is $100! This card is probably worth $140 tops with a fan running in good condition. This is the 3rd Sapphire card that I have purchased and this is how they say thanks? Anyway, I guess when a card has a 2-year warranty with these guys, that means all you can expect is 2 years of performance. Live and learn I guess.

Anyone here know where I can buy just a replacement fan that will fit the Toxic model shroud? What would you do if you were in my position?

I appreciate the help. I guess this is a heads up if you are considering being a Sapphire customer too. They have good coolers on their products when they work, I will give them that much credit. The other 2 cards that I have seem to be working fine too.

Thanks for any suggestions.

- Bill Taylor
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  1. replacement coolers can be had for less than 50 bucks. guide to replacing the cooler.

    if you remove the fan it should have a.part number and you may be able to find a replacement. while its off remover the sticker in the center and put a drop of mineral oil in the center hole to lube it up. (i hear wd40 and motor oil work too) and see if that helps. don't forget to put the sticker back so dirt/dust don't get in and ruin it
  2. Thanks unksol for the advice!

    I found that the fan is made by "ntk (hk) limited". I think the HK stands for their Hong Kong location. They seem to be a business to business type of company and their website appears Chinese. I did some searches online for with the P/N, but no luck. I sent an email off to these guys in Hong Kong, but I probably just confused the heck out of them. :lol: If they have any idea what I am asking, maybe something could work out.

    I put a drop of WD40 in, that was probably good for the bearings, unfortunately I still got that ticking sound (which is driving me nuts!).

    I really would hate to replace the cooler on this thing. The Toxic heat dissipation is awesome; seems like such a waste. I am trying to do this for say $20 tops if possible.

    If you or anyone else has any other ideas, please let me know.

    - Bill Taylor
  3. You may be able to find a fan that will fit if its got any specs on it or you're good with a ruler/micrometer. here's some VGA replacement fans, but i have no idea what size is on that toxic, how much air these will push, mounting etc. So its kind of a gamble. The part number for these has the size in it though, maybe yours does too.

    ebay might be worth poking around with the part number, all sorts of weird odds and ends turn up there. To be fair to sapphire the card is out of warranty, and no longer made. Its possible they contracted for that specific fan design, not something off the shelf, and its just not made anymore/they don't have any. Could try again and get a different support person and ask specifically about purchasing the fan.

    Fans really shouldn't tick unless they are hitting something though. not sure on the connector but you might be able to hook it up to the motherboard or turn the pc on with it off the card just to see... maybe something is just a tiny bit off or its got a little wobble from the bearing wearing out...
  4. Thanks again for the response.

    I ordered a replacement VGA fan from Newegg. It was the closest I could find, but unfortunately it spins at 3000rpm max, while mine currently will go up to 4000. Also the connection is different I believe, so there might be some monkeying around to get this thing to fit. Also 3 wires come off the fan, while mine currently has 4. I wonder if I will lost the ability to adjust the fan speed in the AMD Catalyst Control Center..

    Anyway, the model I got was also featured in that website you sent me. I went all over the internet and eBay. Apparently this fan is only made for Sapphire.

    As far as the "ticking" sound, I probably didn’t describe it right. It is not really that ticking sound of something hitting it is a somewhat random sound that is probably the bearing.

    Thanks for your support!

    - Bill
  5. The ones I am seeing actually have two wires. What this means is power only, no PWM fan control, and no reporting of RPM. Its just going to run flat out. You don't actually have to plug it into the GPU though. They look like they have a 3 pin header you could plug into a free motherboard fan connector instead of jury rigging it to the GPU. If its not loud not a problem. Or if your case has a fan controller(or you want to add one) you could control it with that and just turn it up when gaming
  6. Thanks Unksol!

    I received the fan and you are correct, it only does have 2 wires. Thanks for the elaboration on what that means - and how to apply it to my graphics card situation.

    So far, my current fan on the card hasn't cruded out completely yet. I was thinking of running it until it dies. Will the card likely protect itself when the fan dies completely? I.E. a blue screen with a crash before damage, instead of it overheating and the card melting?

    - Bill
  7. I know this thread is way old, but I had to jump in and post a response to this thread. WD40 is NOT a lubricant, it is a cleaner. You need something like 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose oil to do the trick.
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