Need advice with a case mod

I was ripping apart old computer cases to be recycled, when I found an old DATA-1000 case(an AT Case) and one of the things that interested me was the locking key. I was tempted to repurpose this lock as a unique twitch stwitch to turn on(or reset) a server I have. The switch i'm sure is toggle and not momentary, but if I just turn it like a car key I should get the momentary connection I need. My problem is that the key was not with the case by the time I got my hands on it.

Should I just abandon my plan, or should I try and hunt down a key?
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  1. rufus_22 said:
    Run away ! try one of these :)

    while that is an interesting idea, it takes away from my hoped for an overall stealthy look.

    This rig is going to be a non-traditional file server, so it will just be a "boring" looking box with two cables sticking out the back. one for power and one for the ethernet,

    However it's the hidden bells and whistles that will make it more fun like a pull out monitor, and a micro keyboard, and maybe a few other goodies. I was going to make it wireless for the internet connection, but realized that the only place I could put the adapter and keep it as a full stealth rig would be inside a Faraday cage, oh well...

    as a Side note, while breaking more old AT cases down for recycling I found another lock switch this time with two keys!, and I found an old momentary version of the AT power switches. now I just have to decide what I'm really going to do for the power switch.
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