3d with amd and iz3d, Anyone want to trade my 6970 for a gtx 570

Hi everyone, are there any active shutter glasses that work with this setup?
If not I am selling my card today and going nvidia as 3d is a big thing for me
Thanks for the help
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  1. forgot to list specs
    1100t @ 4ghz
    sapphire 6970
    gigabyte 990fxa-ud7
    8gb ddr3 1333mhz
    lgw2363d monitor (3d vision ready)
    xfx core edition 750
    I really hope there is an easy solution to this as I do not want to sell my 6970
  2. please also note, the monitor is active not passive
  3. I have found glasses called universal glasses but these appear to be for multiple display manufacturers and nowhere can I find universal glasses that work with ati :(
  4. Before anyone mentions the obvious I have contacted iz3d but they have not returned any of my emails and my monitor is not supported by tridef
  5. You need to get glasses from the manufacturer of the monitor. Most TV's are different.

    If that TV is 3D vision ready, you can use the 3D vision glasses, even on an AMD system. However, to have it work with HD3D (Amd's version), you must have an HDMI 1.4a or Displayport connection. No other connections work for HD3D.

    EDIT: after searching around, I found that the Monitor does not offer HDMI 1.4a. You cannot use this with AMD graphics cards for HD3D gaming.
  6. So I would have to get nvidia then? I thought this did have 1.4a support. I was completely unaware that nvidia 3d vision worked with ati. Is this tried and tested? because if thats the case I may consider changing monitors instead of graphics cards
  7. I have a monitor that offers both HDMI 1.4a and dual link DVI and Nvidia 3D vision ready (in sig). It works with both and I have tested it.

    AMD requires displayport or HDMI 1.4a (most HDMI monitors use older HDMI types), and Nvidia requires dual link DVI or HDMI 1.3 (limited).

    If you are serious about 3D, you'll want a monitor that has displayport if you want to use AMD, because HDMI 1.4a limits you to either 30hz or 720p at 60hz (per eye). For Nvidia, you want dual link DVI for 60hz per eye, HDMI connections limit you to 30hz or 60hz at 720p.
  8. Thank you so much for the help mate. Nvidia it is then :D how do I select best answer?
  9. There should be a button at the end of each reply to select best answer, but that requires you to open the thread with the right parameters. It's not a big deal either way.
  10. Thanks again mate, you have no idea how long it has taken me to get an answer to this!
  11. One thing I forgot to ask, could I use display port to dual link dvi? would this work?
  12. I cant view the private messages im sending you bystander :(
  13. Quote:
    Hey again mate, thanks for all your help the other day.
    Was wondering if it is possible to use a hdmi 1.4a cable with
    a hdmi to dvi-d converter?
    if not what about a displayport to dvi-d?
    also how did you manage to get the shutter glasses working
    with amd? just in case I decide to switch monitors as when I
    install the glasses it comes up with an error message saying
    that a nvidia graphics adapter can not be detected.
    Thanks for the help mate

    The HDMI converters, on AMD systems, won't work, as the signal for HDMI 1.4a uses frame packing, which is something dvi-d cannot do. DP to DVI-D has the same issue, DVI-D cannot use frame packing, so info is lost in the conversion.

    As far as the glasses go, they will just work. AMD's system does not require special glasses. What ever glasses your monitor uses will work as is.
  14. ah cool, I have some universal ones so fingers crossed I can just use them. I noticed on the amd website it says that amd can do 3d with dvi-d now, will this work for me? as I said I really really dont wanna sell my 6970
  15. dacca said:
    ah cool, I have some universal ones so fingers crossed I can just use them. I noticed on the amd website it says that amd can do 3d with dvi-d now, will this work for me? as I said I really really dont wanna sell my 6970

    I don't know, that must be new. I think I'll have to do some experimenting myself, if it is. I have an AMD alternative setup that I'd like to see work with my monitor at 1080p.
  16. Do you mind posting a link to the DVI-D option on AMD's site? I want to check into it.
  17. if you get it working then please let me know how as I cant afford a gtx 580 yet and wouldnt want to get a 570 as from the benchmarks i have seen they perform worse on games I play.
  18. http://www.amd.com/us/products/technologies/amd-hd3d/Pages/how-to.aspx
    at the bottom there, shows dvi-d hdmi and dp unless thats just them saying that you these can supply a picture to a monitor, but as it is on the 3d detection tool setup guide one would assume that they now support it over dvi-d
  19. I wonder if that's a typo. I think I'll try it out now.
  20. I did read somewhere else that it worked and I have the option to display at 120hz with a standard dvi cable, waiting for my dvi-d to arrive.
    These are the glasses I have
    so you think they should just work?
  21. The suspense is literally killing me!
  22. It won't work. I believe that page had a mistake. Everywhere else says HDMI 1.4a or DP is required. When I attempt to run it, it tells my my monitor is not supported. You'll also note that the monitors shown to be supported all have HDMI 1.4a or DP connections.

    I also couldn't find any info through google searches either. If you could find something more than that one page, I'd be interested.
  23. hmm.... the only other option I am thinking is going with a passive monitor.
    Any experience with them? I heard active is way better
  24. just found this
    it is amd hd3d recommended, however it does not say it supports
    either dp or hdmi 1.4a. So how would you use this with amd for 3d?
  25. You are better off just getting the 570. You might not be able to max out the games you want to play, but 3D vision at lowered settings looks a lot better than non 3D vision at full settings if 3D vision is supported well. So many of the settings you see in normal gaming are there to produce a more realistic 3D effect, but when you see it in 3D, those effects aren't needed.
  26. Hi there, I am currently selling my 6970 on ebay
    Just wondering if anyone would like to trade it for a 570 or a 580 and I will pay some cash toward it as I know the 580's are worth more.
    I know alot of people would see this as pointless, but anyone who wants to move to a eyefinity setup I guess this would be a great
    way to start.
    My reason for wanting to change is that I really really want to go 3d and I cant get it working with my setup and AMD.
    Thanks everyone
  27. I see, I have my 6970 for sale on ebay now, just need someone to buy it.
    Then im either getting the 570 twin frozr iii or the 570 phantom.
    I am quite tempted by getting 2x560ti in sli but would rather have a single card
    Thanks for all your help mate
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    Anyone want to trade my 6970 for a gtx 570 or higher?
  29. Mousemonkey could you make it so the topic title is still about the trade please? as people will not know that I have offered a trade
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  31. Thank you mouse monkey :D
  32. NP.
  33. Would also consider a trade for 560ti in sli and will pay the difference in price providing its reasonable
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