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I am considering to build my new Gaming SFF which will be used for gaming, browsing and movie with 32" LCD TV.

Being budget SFF i am not expecting stratosphere FPS with maxed setting on all games but at least good gaming experience with acceptable FPS is fine with me.

What I have in mind currently:

CPU: Athlon II X3 450 (will unlock 4th core and light overclocked)

CPU cooler: default (perhaps someone can recommend Cheap Low profile that will fit in Sugo SG-05)

MB: M4A88T-I Deluxe

RAM: DDR3 1333 2GB X 2

Casing: Silverstone Sugo SG-05B

PSU: Default Sugo SG-05B 300w w/ 80plus

HDD: 1X SSD M4 64G + 2.5" 5400rpm 500gb

GPU: this is where I am not sure. It has to be max 300w total system and cheap while still pack punch. Right now I am considering (HD7750, HD6770 or 5850).

Can you guys please provide insight to the plan?


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  1. I'd consider a build using an intel i3 2100 or 2120 processor
    H61 chipset mb

    Maybe the new 7770 graphics card

    That will game better and have a lower power draw
  2. Hi, You are righ but i would like to go down on the total cost.

    The machine usage will be movie, browsing and game in order of priority. I dont play game much often but still want something with a bit of punch.

    I used to play with GTX460 and very happy with the result. Based on Tomshardware table. I either pick 6850 or up a bit to 5850, however I am not sure about the PSU.

    If possible I would choose 7750 but its like 3 tier below 5850.
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    The HD 7770 performs similarly to the GTX 460 with almost half the power draw, that would be a good choice. I would grab the Pentium G620 for the CPU, it's cheaper than the Athlon and performs better (in games) with lower power consumption.

    I wouldn't run the HD 5850 on a 300W PSU, the HD 6850 would be cutting it a bit close too.
  4. a 300watts power supply won't gave you enough "punch" not even a good "slap".
  5. 300W is fine for running something like the Pentium G620 and HD 7770. They run just as well as the FX-4100 and GTX 460 or similar, that's fine for ultra high settings in most games. For the latest and greatest games (BF3/Skyrim/Crysis etc.) you might be looking at medium or high rather than ultra high but that's good for 300W.
  6. Haha yes thats right, I understand with 300W is a bit hyperbole to mention "punch" but nevertheless i am expecting something like 460. Even lower a bit is okay. 7770 is out of my budget at the moment so i might lean toward 6850.

    I just calculated above spec with PSU calculator and with 6850 min PSU recommended 238w and max load is 288w. Assuming 80Plus PSU, seems should be all right.

    If i am going down G620 path for CPU, what is cheap reliable mobo to match with (approx. equivalent to planned mobo)?

    Thanks for all the expert replies!
  7. Also hows G620 value justified with assuming 4th core can be unlocked on X3 450?

  8. Even after that core is unlocked it will match it or maybe even beat it in games for less money and while consuming less power. It performs about the same as the FX-4100 in games.
  9. Interesting.

    I looked at the consume idle power and it seems G620 *slightly* higher than AMD but its load power is MUCH lower than AMD. I think i will go down to G620 path.

    What is recommended mobo to go with G620, Sugo Sg05 and 6850 equivalent to M4A88T-I Deluxe

    Again, thanks for the guru here for the replies. I am almost set and looking forward for my next build.
  10. I would just go for a cheap H61 board, The 620 can't be overclocked anyway.
  11. Ok so i bought G620 + H67 (because of m4 SSD) + 4g ram + wLan + 320gb 2.5 HDD + HD6850 all enclosed with SG-05 without problem. Power draw from stress test look sufficient for 300w.

    I have 2 questions after using the setup for 2 days:

    1. the GPU seems a bit hot at 50C idle hence i plan to change cooler and its loud too!. I have had successful experience with AC twin turbo pro II on GTX460 and thinking if it will fit on Sugo SG-05

    2. Is there anyway I can put filter on top and sides to prevent dist from getting in? perhaps thin layer of foam or something? Any tips?

  12. I wouldn't worry about idle temperatures. So long as it's under 90c on load you're fine. The best way to prevent dust is to put filters on any intake fans, that should do the trick. Having more intake than exhaust helps too.
  13. well i am thinking not only to lower the temp but noise. do you think AC twin turbo pro will fit?

    Any suggestion on cheap filter btw? how about thin women stocking?
  14. any thoughts please ?
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