Help me build $800-$850 gaming computer!

Hello, I am fairly new with this computer building thing and I am excited!

I am looking for someone to help me build the best computer I can for $800-$850!

I am mainly looking to play SC2, LOL, DIABLO 3 on Full settings!
I am also taking this computer for college because I am taking computer science so maybe if that helps!

I am planning to upgrade MAYBE, might not need to because I'm going to be playing Diablo 3 for AWHILE, don't really play computer games.

I don't really care AMD or INTEL, I prefer faster!
Good graphic cards and 8gb around of ram im guessing?
I want to be able to multi task with dual screening!

Parts from newegg or amazon!

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  1. Please fill out this form so that we may help you:

    you answered a lot of these questions in you initial post, but there are more.

    indicate what hardware you have or are reusing from another system (keyboard, mouse monitor, optical drive, hard drive).

    do you need an operating system included? if have one what is it XP/Vista Win7 32 or 64?

    does your budget include shipping ? if it does include a city or ZIP code

    you mentioned dual screens... do you already have them? what resolution?
  2. Do what jarreddredd states. Would help us assist you better
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