Galaxy gts 250 1gb vs zotac 9600gso 512 (1gb with tc)?

have following specifications
Intel pentium D 3.2gz(dual core)
intel 945gccr board with 1 pcie slot
2gb ddr3 ram
400watt digicom power supply?

i came across 2 cards:
zotac 9600gso 512mb ddr3 128bit G94(1gb with turbo catch) which costs around $60 ($39+shipping and tax) to bring to my location from ebay.
galaxy gts 250 1gb ddr3 which cost around $80 ($49+ shipping and tax)

since i dont have a required power supply for gts 250 which card should i buy considering my cpu as gts 250 would be bottelnecked due to my cpu and i have to change my psu which would inccur extra cost. i have maximum budget of $100. and it is hard to find decent brand psu in the local market and ordering from web is not a option because the shipping cost is very high.
please suggest which card should i order.
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    gts 250 will be the better choice and your cpu will not bottleneck gpu:)
  2. sunnk said:
    gts 250 will be the better choice and your cpu will not bottleneck gpu:)

    in case purchase galaxy gts 250 what should i do about the power supply? can i run it on 400 watt psu with +12vrail with 18amp?
    or purchase psu having more than 450 watt? i think i will not get any decent brand psu in the market.
    can i purchase any psu with the required power(+12v with 24Amp) for running the card?
  3. sunnk said:

    actaully the only psu i have in option to buy is named zeal 550 watt having two +12v rail with 19A & 18A.(combined 37A on +12v rail)
    will this be able to run Galaxy gts 250. or should i go for galaxy GT 240 or zotac 9600gso(G94)
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