AMD FX-4100 vs. Phenom II 965 BE

Hey all,
I have recently decided to embark on building my own gaming pc. However, not knowing much about computers, I can't really decide which processor to get. I already have an AM3+ board, so I can use any of the FX or the Phenom series. Both of these processors have about the same specs, with the 4100 just being a little bit better than the rest (supposedly). From what I've heard, both of these processors have similar performance, despite the FX having a higher clock speed. So my question to you is, which one is better for gaming? They are both just so similar and I haven't used either, so I just can't make the decision myself.
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  1. I'd prefer the Phenom... Even though it is older. The FX series took a step backward as far as gaming performance.,3106-5.html
    Notice how the 965 BE is 1 tier above the FX4100 in Tom's hierarchy of gaming CPUs? Once you OC the 965 BE you are even better off.
  2. Oh yeah, another thing I forgot to mention is that I can do absolutely NO OVERCLOCKING. It's not that I don't know how, it's that my parents actually won't allow me to.

    What about piledriver? Should I just wait and get a PD when it comes out?
  3. I would get the new processor. newer architecture, cooler running and updated memory controller. time to leave the past in the past.
  4. +1 for the 965BE

    however if you had the choice i would go 2500k / 3570k + Z77 mobo.
  5. What about the FX-4170? It comes out of the box at 4.2 GHz. It is twenty bucks more, but that's not TOO much of a problem.
  6. What about the memory controller on the 965? It only supports up to 1333 MHz from what I know. So that means I will have to run my 1600 MHz memory at 1333, correct?
  7. SniperNoSnipeee said:
    What about the FX-4170? It comes out of the box at 4.2 GHz. It is twenty bucks more, but that's not TOO much of a problem.

    So that doesn't mean anything. Bulldozer has a horrible IPC and is very slow. An older and lower clocked Phenom II or Sandy Bridges I3 will still be faster than the Bulldozer. If you don't have the board yet I would get an I3 or I5.
  8. Quote:
    by default it runs 1333MHz but you can run it @ specs with just setting it so in the BIOS.
    my older AMD unit with RAM @ 1600MHz:

    the Phenom II with C2 stepping has the memory controller issues but that's running a full set of four RAM sticks @ 1600MHZ.
    C3 stepping is fixed.

    Oh, okay. Well it looks like the 965 is the better processor after all. After all, the benchmarks dont lie.

    Why does the 965 perform so much better than the 4100 and the 4170? They both have higher clock speeds than the 965, and a newer architecture. I mean, it just doesn't make sense.
  9. Quote:
    we've said already...

    but there is also latency problems.

    and this is why AMD fails...

    All-righty then. Sorry for being such a n00b, to be honest I dont really understand CPUs... at all...

    Theres always excavator and steamroller. Hopefully AMD gains some ground with those, i really think that AMD has potential to be as good as Intel.
  10. i5-2500k /i5- 3570k + Z77 mobo enough said.
  11. Quote:
    now the question is, would you take the 965BE or the i3-2120.?

    if not upgrading anymore then the 965BE but if want and need a quad core Intel and do not have the money but need a unit.
    get the i3-2120 and Z68 Gen3 or Z77 motherboard.
    then grab i5 when money is right.

    Fortunately, I don't have to make that choice. I purchased the ASUS M5A97 EVO mobo about a week ago. AM3+ socket, hopefully D will stick with the AM3 at least until steamroller. If I have to buy a new mobo in a year I fear that I may my opinion may be swayed from what it is now. Time will tell, but I fear that I may have intel in my future.
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