Does a CPU still work even if a single pin fallls off ?

Hi Everyone,

Long story short a week ago when I was assembling my computer I placed too much thermal paste on the heat sink and the CPU got stuck to the fan. So today I try to remove the fan and the the CPU comes off with it even the CPU lock knob thingy wasn't opened. So some of the pins on the CPU get bent and I fix them with a credit card except one pin falls off. Now I try to open the computer and everything is powered but there is no output to the TV whatsoever and the computer no longer responds to the shutdown button once it is powered on. Prior to this the computer was working perfectly fine albeit with a lot of thermal paste on the CPU. So where do I go from here ? Do I need to get a new CPU? does the warranty cover the damage? Does a CPU still work even if a single pin fallls off ?

Any help is seriously appreciated and thanks in advance for actually reading this far.
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    Depends on what the pin was doing.

    Losing a Vcore, VCCio, DGND or other pins like that is usually a non-issue since there are hundreds more that can pick up the slack.

    If the missing pin is a clock/data/control signal for the chipset, memory interface or other critical function, game over.
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