3770 or 3770K?

I was thinking of the 3770T but it seems like recommendation is to underclock/volt the 3770K instead. Do the limitations of overclocking the 3770 apply to underclocking too? Also I will be running VMs a lot, so I wonder if I should just get the 3770 to try out the VT-D? Or is that not really useful? Would be running qemu-kvm which seems to support it.
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  1. vt-d lets you pass hardware directed i/o to a specific VM. Like isolating a harddrive to 1 vm regardless that the other vm's have access to the system. Or dedicating nics to just 1 vm with a higher load than the others (very typical)
    It requires motherbd, bios, and vm software support.

    and yes Xen supports it.
  2. right, but I knew that already, and I don't use Xen. I was asking whether the vt-d of the 3770 is worth trading off for the loss of easy overclocking of the K, and whether that applies if I want to underclock...
  3. really...i dont get it, why get a high end CPU if you want to underclock...wth.
  4. 3930K dude !
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