Installed new Graphics card, worked a short while, now no video output

Hi, so I purchased a slightly used HD 5450 gfx card. I installed it no probs and it worked fine for about an hour or so. I tried a movie, emulator, it was all superb and I was really impressed. Then whilst doing the simplest of tasks( I think I was changing my theme or desktop wallpaper or something) the screen just went to black? I was confused, so turned off my comp. Now the graphics card doesnt seem to work, i just get a message on my monitor saying " No video Input".

If I take the card out, and plug wire into onboard vga, then its fine. But as soon as I insert card now, I get the "no video input" message.

Im just baffle by this because, It worked initially, so i dont think its a dud card or anything, but am really confused. Any solutions?
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  1. Can you try the card in another PCIe Slot on the board and tell us what happens?
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