New gaming rig for Eyefinity 5760 x 1080

Hey everyone I need some opinions on this build. I'm in Canada and I'm basing this around the fact that I'm going to eventually be upgrading from a 1920 x 1080 res to a 5760 x 1080 res. It's around 4000$ and I'm fine with that. I just want some opinions on if everything is compatible and reasonable. Thanks in advance.

CPU: i7 2700k

Mobo: Asus z68 deluxe gen3

RAM: 8 gb corsair vengeance ultra

PSU: ocz gold 850w

Case: Corsair 650d

CPU Cooler: Noctua nh-c14

Hard Drives: intel 520 180gb ssd & seagate barracude 2tb

Optical drive: samsung blu ray w/ lightscribe

GPU: 2x CrossFire XFX 7970 Black Edition

Sound Card: Creative Recon3d champion (I'm not sure what the on board audio setup is like if its god, I think I'd like to have the extra kick from this sound card.)
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  1. that should handle eyefinity gaming just fine!
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    Yes, it's fine however the 2700K is needlessly expensive for a gaming system. Just get the 2500K.
  4. FinneousPJ said:
    Yes, it's fine however the 2700K is needlessly expensive for a gaming system. Just get the 2500K.

    What's the difference other then price? Sorry I'm not very knowledgeable haha I've been a console gamer most of my life. Also should I bother with the CPU cooler if I'm not going to be OC'ing my CPU at all. Should I just get another fan for inside the case instead or will the stock fans from the 650d be enough for the 2 gpus.
  5. The selling point of the i7s is HyperThreading which is essentially a "workstation" technology, not utilized in games.
  6. No you don't need an aftermarket cooler if you're not overclocking. I recommend filling all your case ventilation slots for a crossfire rig. Buy a fan controller for the noise.
  7. Yeah im getting a fan controller thanks for the help, now I can fancy it up with some lighting with the cash I'm saving from the CPU cooler.
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