AMD Sempron 145 core unlocking (will POST)

I have couple the AMD Sempron 145 with the ECS A780LM-M2 motherboard which has the ACC unlocking.

In the BIOS > Frequency/ Voltage Control and set "Advanced Clock Calibration" to Auto and "Special ACC" to Enabled.

The computer will POST but Windows 7 will not boot and instead freeze on the Windows 7 logo. Also, booting from Windows 7 DVD also freezes.

Do I have the settings incorrect or is my second core a dud?

I have NOT try adjusting the voltage.
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  1. make sure you're on the latest version of the bios then try raising the cpu volatage to 1.4v. its safe as those chips tend to run cool.
    If that doesnt work back down the cpu multiplier a few or more and try again.
    If at any point it works be sure to stress test the cpu to be sure its stable.
    if it passes the multiplier by 1 and retest. and keep repeating to find your max cpu speed.
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