Screwed up big time

Okay went alittle to happy on my gpu with overclocking. Then guess what, I did this before backing anything up, yeah i know.... Im screwed now it wont boot , I can access asrock bios but lost from here. Can anyone tell me how to completely restart from scratch. One problem is my hdd already has all of the issues drivers and everything on it. But I have no way to access it! Someone please point me in the right direction!

i5 2500k
asrock extreme3 gen3
2x4 corsair veng
sapphire 7950

running on no sleep and freaking out
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  1. What exactly has happened?
  2. Well I was an idiot and pushed my gpu to far without backing anything up. Now it fails to boot and cannot repair. Only thing I can access is my bios. I would like to clear everything to just completely start fresh with all software if possible. Everything is put together properly it was working great. Is there any chance I did perm damage to any components? I wouldnt think so but tired of freaking out here
  3. Added this comment and put at top.
    Check in bios how the HDD is configured, ie IDE, AHCI, or SATA. If Bios was reset this may not be correct and you will need to change it to the value it was when windows was installed. Normally this gives an error that No operating system was installed.

    Have you tried removing the GPU card, and switching over to the internal HD3000 iGPU?? Might need to select " restore optimium defaults" in bios to insure Bios is set to boot to iGPU.

    The question is probably what else may have been taken out when the 7950 "died".
    If you can get into Bios, sounds like the PSU is still OK, But do check the Voltages in the BIOS Health section.
  4. Go to bed. Get some sleep. Work on it when you are more alert
  5. Would re inserting the windows 7 install dvd allow me to reboot fresh? Do I need to clear anything through the Asrock extreme3 gen3? Thank you for your time!
  6. Remove the HD7950. Connect your monitor to the mobo video. Will it boot now? If so, uninstall all the AMD Catalyst software and drivers. Shutdown, re-install the HD7950 and attach the monitor to it. If it will boot into Windows, re-install Catalyst and the drivers.
    If it doesn't boot, any errors or beeps when it tries? Reset the CMOS to defaults by using the jumper or unplugging the PSU and removing the CMOS battery for a minute.
  7. I did see Volts and everything was in check. Literally cant sleep today is my sunday lol have to take advantage of my day off. I do not think I killed the 7950 I was looking at temps and things before this happened. Nothing was crazy fans were low speed. I have been messing with drivers and minor Ocs. Think I hit a bad combo and just bogged her down really bad. But now I need to start all over
  8. I appreciate your guys fast help here really!
  9. Could i remove 7950 and clear cmos to start fresh? Then what about data on my HDD would it conflict?
  10. removed 7950 now getting bsod! Resetting cmos to default through bios didnt help either. It is my Hdd with the data on it preventing me from fresh start?
  11. BSOD, is that after you are in windows, or when operating system starts to load.
    You might try putting your windows disk in an selecting repair to see if it will repair.
    It is quite possible that some system files were corrupted when system crashed.
  12. starts to boot windows repair is no help! This is killing me
  13. Thanks for help so far retired chief. Just got out myself Ssgt only did 6 years not anywhere near your commitment! congratulations. I need sleep but I cant with the issue at hand
  14. Remove the CMOS battery from your motherboard for around 1minute and then place it back in and boot. This will reset and previously changed settings.

    You might also try booting using a display port on your motherboard (if it has one) and disconnecting your GPU entirely.
  15. gpu is gone I have reset to default. I think the previous installations on hdd are conflicting. But I have no way to clear that right now. Unless there is a way to re format from the bios
  16. Sounds to me like you need a fresh install of windows. Although that will mean any data on the HDD will be lost/irretrievable.

    But no, you can't format a HDD from the BIOS.
  17. might have saved myself.. Went to bios selected boot from cd-dvd drive 2nd boot is my hdd. Re installing windows 7 currently. It gave me the option to format my Hdd. Boom should be clear now. I will check back in. All of you, including thiss whole forum has been great help! wish me luck

    If this works out, are there any checks/test I should run to see if any permanent damage occured?
  18. Yup sounds like you've got it :) Good Luck, let us know how it goes :)

    EDIT~: You can run a "CHKDSK" command although I shouldn't think you'll have any errors at all with a fresh install. You can also check the Event Viewer once your booted into windows.
  19. lets hope! Learning process huh lol. What would be the odds of actually damaging hardware through hard shutdowns and what not. Feel like i have been rough on my new baby here!

    hopefully nothing ,but it is kind of funny because re installing windows was one of the trouble shooting guides I was reading about the sapphire 7950 oc. Maybe this will work out to an advantage. Although this time no overclocking until a good back up is created!
  20. Yeah once your up and running be sure to create yourself a recovery disk/system restore disk for times like these :)

    As for over-clocking, take it slow :) Pushing it too far will only result in 1-2 fps increase and come with a 90% increase of damaging your card :) Keep it modest and safe :)

    Hardware damage is extremely unlikely with modern components to be fair although not impossible. Most of them have sufficient counter measures to shut down/switch things off before any real damage can be done. As you said though, be gentle!
  21. Yes sir! I will say tho I blame alot on the drivers I have been having a hell of a time with them.. My overclock on the 7950 was 1000/1350 hell the stock settings are 900/1250. Compared to peoples numbers online I was a scared little girl to push it. I remember CCC showing fans at 23% and temp at 29-32 C. So I dont believe I smoked the card. Any chance you have recommended Mem test, cpu test, gpu or any other diagnostics so I can make sure my rig is ripping on all cylinders>? Thanks again as an update Windows 7 is installing just fine so far fingers crossed. Sorry for sloppy grammer I have been up trouble shooting for right around 20 hours
  22. tjc50 said:
    gpu is gone I have reset to default. I think the previous installations on hdd are conflicting. But I have no way to clear that right now. Unless there is a way to re format from the bios

    Just to be clear . . .

    After you reset, you entered the BIOS and loaded optimized defaults?

    Once you load the optimized defaults, you typically have to set your boot drive/sequence and designate your HDD set-up.

    If you have not properly set your HDDs or boot sequence, you ain't gettin' into Windows because the computer can't find it.

    I suspect the most common mistake is in not setting your SATA to AHCI (typical in most new builds). If it is set to IDE or RAID, you ain't bootin'
  23. PRIME95 is pretty much the program of choice for CPU and Memory testing :)

    Download PRIME95 and leave it running over-night. Nothing to strenuous just balanced MEM and CPU testing.
  24. wise cracker I should be able to go into bios on next restart and just swap the boot 1 and 2 shouldnt I? I wouldnt think that would be an issue.

    The only defaults I could see on Asrock was the uesi or uefi default and tats what i hit except for choosing the dvd drive for boot 1 to re format hdd
  25. Just an update typing on the gaming rig now! OS and updates went smooth got all proper drivers ready. Heading to wally world to buy external HD for back up lol! After that I am going to give the sapphire 7950 another shot wish me luck on that. Then some test to see if any kind of damage was done, more than likely no but i am paranoid
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