Upgraded from pentium 4

I have a Gateway 507GR with Pentium 4 3.0GHz cpu
the motherboard is an intel 915G which is a socket 775 800 fsb

I wanted to upgrade the cpu to a E5200 dual core which should work, right?
it is LGA 775 800MHz fsb, but when I took out the old p4 and put in the new dual core and hit the power button nothing happens

the fan spins for a second then everything shuts down, no beep codes
I drop the p4 back in and everything boots up normally

can anyone help me?
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  1. is the E5200 compatible with my mobo?
    could the BIOS need an upgrade?
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    915g chipset does not support dual cores or anything higher than pentium 4 for that matter.
  3. that sucks
  4. indeed. socket 775 is wierd like that though. Theres some chipsets that support the dual core pentium d's but not the core series.
  5. Can you recommend a mobo for the E5200 since I have it
  6. not any that supports the e5200 and your old ram.

    I've used this replacement bd a few times but you'll need to purchase some DDR3 memory. (Your old memory is DDR1 )
    $50 shipped -

    2GB ram $17 shipped -

    4gb ram - $23 shipped -

    Lastly, please be aware that the operating system on you old Gateway will probably not install on a non-gateway motherboard. This is very typical of prebuilt systems like Gateway, Dell, HP...
  7. Ok, I got a Biostar G41D3C mobo with two 4GB ddr3 1066 sticks of ram
    Then I read the biostar website and it says that a CPU with an 800 FSB can only use pc3-6400
    Does this mean that the ram I bought will not work?
  8. well the ram seems to work ok, at least in the bios
    unfortunately the bios doesn't see my newly installed OCZ vertex 3 120 GB SSD so I haven't booted to windows yet.
    the mobo made it easy to overclock to 3.0GHz
  9. seems like the biostar sata ports were not working so I sent it back and got an ASrock mobo and it recognized the SSD right away.
    now I have the OS installed this system flies!
    overclocked the e5200 to 3GHz, boot time went from 2 mins on the pentium 4/HDD to 20 secs with the e5200/SSD
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