I5 2500k Voltage

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

Basically I have an i5 2500k in an MSI p67a-GD65 (b3)

I have it oced just slightly up to 3.6ghz

On auto volts i see in CPU-z it goes as high as 1.3volts which is dumb in my view.

I set it down to 1.225 volts now CPU-z reads 1.216v

Anyone with the same chip have it running at an even lower voltage and have it stable even whilst playing games like Bf3?

Just curious to see how low it can go before it starts to BSOD. I dont like heat and want to keep my chip as cool as can be :)

Its already pretty cool at 30-32C idle and never over 45C under load using hyper 212+ at 2000rpms
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  1. Quote:
    quick clock:
    * hit multiplier to 42
    * disable turbo boost
    * disable speed spectrum
    * disable internal PPL overvoltage
    * long and short duration times, set them both to 150...
    * make sure power saving features are enabled:
    C1E, C3/C6, CPU EIST
    * set hardware monitor | fans no less than 62.5%
    * XMP RAM
    * save and exit
    * boot into windows

    check temps and decide if you want to go for higher clock..
    it's a 'K' series processor, it's that easy to do..

    that's all about disabled and enabled .. i need above .. still learn about OC SB (my new rig) thanks bro :bounce:
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