CPU for budget PC.

Hi, I'm building a budget PC. I need the right CPU to run ONLINE (BF3). I know how online games affect gameplay, so I just wanted to put that out there. There has been two I was looking at. The core i3 2120 and the FX-4100. People are saying that due to the four threads on the i3 and the two on the FX, the FX loses. They are both at $100 dollars at Micro Center, so it's just the matter of being able to run it. If there's anything for cheaper that is better than these two, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Uses for PC: Internet Surfing, HD Video Streaming. Online and Offline gaming.

Optional: Can someone compile a nice build for ~$400?


Additional Note: Yes, I am willing to overclock my parts.
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  1. The i3-2120 is a superior CPU than the FX-4100, by a lot. However, 400 dollars to comfortably run BF3 multiplayer, is simply put, not doable. A lot of other games at somewhat reasonable settings, yes, maybe something can be worked out in that price range, but still its not going to be that impressive.

    And the FX-4100 does indeed have 4 threads and 4 integer cores. Thats not the reason it loses to the i3. It loses because those 4 cores, 4 threads are just plain much weaker.

    You will be spending 400 just between the CPU and video card alone (ideally more) just to get decent BF3 multiplayer settings, let alone all the other parts you need for a functional system.
  2. to run bf3 in multiplayer decently you'll need a good quad core and a good gpu.


    xbox360 it is.
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