Will the hyper 212 fit in my case

Ok I'm doing my build and I was wondering if a Hyper 212 EVO will fit in this case? I know the EVO is pretty big will 7.8 inches width be enough clearence room? I don't plan on putting any side fans on the case.
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  1. The link doesn't work because the case is deactivated. I can say that the evo is 6.25984in tall, so it will probably fit. May I ask what cpu you are trying to cool?
  2. Width usually isn't the issue, its height. And yea, the link is dead.
  3. It would be for an AMD 965 BE that I want to overclock. By width I meant case wdth because the cooler will be facing outwards towards the side. Here is the link to Cougars website.
  4. It's gonna be a tight fit. Grab a ruler and try to measure. If you have a lot of space behind the mobo tray that also subtracts from your total clearance.

    My current case is 7.68 inches wide and had to go through an RMA process with the corsair A70, which is close to the height of the 212. I was probably a little <6 mm away from being able to clear. Good Luck.
  5. What didn't clear the top near the side panel or the heatsink near the top fans?
  6. the evo says its 159mm which equates to 6.26 inches. you need headroom from the top of the cpu to the case front to be larger than 6.26. generally you will need a case with a width of at least 7.5" to have room for the cooler at minimum. an example of a case that barely makes the cut is the budget rosewill challenger, which width is 7.48" and when installed it has ~7th or 8th of an inch left before it hits the side panel.
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    Just grab a hyper tx3. It will fit for sure and it will let you push it almost as far as the evo.
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