HELP! PC makes a continuous beep after power on!

Ok, so last night I finished building my first pc apart from I was waiting on my HDD being delivered, it all powered on and worked fine except obviously I could only get as far as "insert boot" cd etc, it made one short beep to say the power was on every time I powered it on as normal.

Today my HDD arrived and I've connected it up, mobo sata > hdd and psu sata > hdd but now when I power it on it beeps until I turn the machine off as if it is saying there is a problem. The only other change is I have removed my SYS_FAN because I installed this lastnight from an old machine but it spins at 3000rpm and is very loud hence why I don't want to use it.

Could this noise be because I have no SYS_FAN connected or is the HDD faulty or do I simply need to edit something in the BIOS?

Cheers guys
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  1. You probably need to go into the BIOS and disable fan failure warning.
  2. Thanks, wasn't sure. Didn't want to power it on again if there was a problem. Cheers very much.
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