Is the ASUS Xonar Essence STX true 7.1?

Reading the STX's description, it states it has virtual 7.1. However, its cheaper cousin, the Xonar D1, states it has just simply put, "7.1".

I bought the Razer Tiamat TRUE 7.1 headphones, so I would like an Asus audio card with true 7.1.

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  3. Man you bump way too much. Read the d@mn rules before bumping n00b. As far as your question your not going to get "True" 7.1 from headphones simply because unless they can squeeze 8 drivers in a small space your not going to have "True" 7.1 only emulated.
  4. I need to know now. I am on the verge of buying, and I am getting no responses. Any answers are needed as quickly as possible.

    Sorry for bumping, but this is a exception.

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 has 10 drivers.

    Does the Asus Phoebus deliver 7.1 ?
  5. The STX doesn't support 7.1 analog outputs. Its designed specifically for headphones and very HQ stereo speakers. The D1/DX does support 7.1 analog outputs.
  6. How about the Phoebus?
  7. It does support 7.1 output. Still really a waste not to use that amp though...

    For analog 7.1 out, I'd actually recommend the D2(X) over the Xense/Phoebus.
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