Urgent Help! Computer fails to show screen after windows startup. Why?

After putting my orignial computer into a new case i can not seem to get to my desktop. The monitor will go threw the motherboard start sceen then "how would you like to start windows (safe mode ect)" And finaly to the windows start screen to then go to a little box on the screen saying "Input not supported" Before putting my pc into this case my computer worked fin playing some of the most high end games but now it cant even start.

I have triple check all the components are plugged in and plugs ect. I have alos plugged out all the power sockets and pack in again but it still siezes to show me the Desktop screen. What do i do? This is extremly anoying since i was looking forward to playing my games i have due courswork. Please help me!
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    what is your computer's specs? make sure everything is plugged in. do you have a graphics card and are you using a different monitor?
  2. My specs are phenom x6 1055t, 4 gb ram, radeon 6870 500gb hard drive and the rest is kinda irelevent
    I am not using a diffrent monitor and i use a vga cable with a dvi to vga adapter for it to work. Nothing has changed exept my case and amount of fans and leds.
  3. Its ok i have fixed this. No need to help me
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