AMD A6 4400m vs Intel i5


I am looking for a computer under $500 and everything is i-5, i-3, or AMD A6 4400m processors. I need it for schoolwork (highschool) and games like Diablo 3 and Runescape....any insight on which is best?

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  1. well if none of the i3/i5's come witha graphics card (besides the integrated hd3000/4000 that is) - then the A6's will game much better but the intels are the stronger cpu computationally.

    There are also model sof the a6 that have a 2nd graphics card added and run them both in hybrid crossfire that perform even better in games. I would look for one of those.
  2. the A6 will do better in gaming without a discrete graphics card, but if your planning to upgrade this system down the road the I5 would be a better choice
  3. The i5 is a strong powerhouse, you could get it, a 4 gigs of ram, a cheaper motherboard and case to help net you a cheap graphics card. You can't go wrong with an i5 and it boasts great performance but as a budget pc, AMD has the upper hand. Quad core reigns supreme right now in gaming but the i3s are very good too. Whatever you decide, Amd = budget cpu, intel = powerhouse. If you're gonna be strict on a budget, amd, if you can price in an intel, go for that IF you're gonna get a discreet graphics card. (Intel graphics are a joke and don't count for more than powering a desktops display) My 2c.
  4. ^hey, atleast they can run 3 displays at once now.... not that i ever would want to
  5. nna2 said:
    ^hey, atleast they can run 3 displays at once now.... not that i ever would want to

    I'd need multiple displays to actually need that, lol.
  6. Fella's I figured he's looking at laptops from his question of the a6 mobile chip so adding a gpu to an i3/i5 probably isn't going to happen. It will come with one or most likely , at that $500 price point, use the integrated hd3000/4000.
  7. I am going to assume you are looking into laptops and not desktops: The A6 has a discrete-class gpu which would destroy the Intel HD Graphics x000. However, the A6 cpu would be beat by an i5. A6 is better for better graphics, i5 for better processor. Overall, the A6 would be better for gaming IMHO.
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