Real Temp movement sensor issue/confusion

hello, I have an intel i5 2400 processor and I've noticed something that quite a few people
told me was a bit odd. While monitoring my core temperature using an application like Real Temp
I've noticed that my core 0,1, and 2 are close to the same temperature as one another except for
core 3 that is always about 10c cooler even during full load(most of the time core 0 is always
hotter, but it isn't while using prime95). I've used the sensor movement test
on Real temp and I notcied that core 3 is sometimes far apare from the other three cores. For
example, one movement test done while idle is core 0 = 13, core 1 = 14, core 2 =14, and core 3 = 7
Do you think this indicates a stuck sensor? I've already reapplied thermal paste and even replaced
my heatsink yet core 3 is still always about 10c cooler. Do you think i should be worried or need to
do an RMA for this processor?

Also note that what makes things even more weird is that when I do a movement sensor while running prime95
or under about 80% load, the movement sensor results for the cores go down to 2s or 3s or even all 0s on all 4 cores. Is
this normal or should i worry? My temps while running prime 95 stay around 55-60 and never above that.
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    The sensor movement test is supposed to be started when your CPU is idle.

    Intel's temperature sensors were designed and calibrated to control thermal throttling and thermal shut down. 100% accurate core temperatures from idle to full load were never part of the design goal.

    Most of these CPUs have 1 core that is significantly different than the others. It might be a bad sensors or it might be the way Intel calibrates their CPUs or it might be the way Intel attaches the IHS to the CPU cores. No one knows and it doesn't matter. As long as your CPU runs reliably without throttling then there is no reason to be concerned about the core temperature.
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